Authentication, Security, Attestation, Integrity and Reach.

ASAIR - Blockchain Authentication Engine is a leading Blockchain verification and authentication service. We provide proof of existence, proof of ownership, proof of authenticity and proof of integrity through a secure and trusted environment.
ASAIR service span across industries and sectors, private and public. Recently ASAIR started providing Authentication services for scientific and academic research, scholarly work and research projects.

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Proof of Existence

Blockchain engine adds documents Cryptographic hash to the blockchain distributed ledger serving as a proof of existence. Documents are securely hashed using SHA256 Cryptographic hash function a subset of SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) designed by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Proof of Ownership

Our Blockchain engine provides a notarization service for proof of ownership for any digital media or document in a specific point in time by timestamping them to the blockchain public ledger. This builds a record of ownership of intellectual capital and copyrighted material.

Proof of Authenticity

Blockchain engine digital stamping provides an innovative method for the authenticity of documents registered in the blockchain. It insures the integrity of documents by verifying the original date, time and structure of the document without storing the original copy online.

Government Recognition of BLOCKCHAIN

Several US states has started recognizing blockchain ledger. Delaware is one of the leading states to pass a low into that effect.

Blockchain Authentication Engine provides services that are in harmony with the Delaware Blockchain law which became effective August 1, 2017. The law provided specific statutory authority for Delaware corporations to use networks of electronic databases (examples of which are described currently as “distributed ledgers” or a “blockchain”) for the creation and maintenance of corporate records, including the corporation’s stock ledger.

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Blockchain Engine Logic

Deposit and Authenticate scientific work in the «Blockchain»

Blockchain Authentication Engine achieved an important technical breakthrough by adopting the Blockchin depositing and authentication of scientific work generated by researchers, thus becoming the first authority in the world to apply the Blockchain and hyper ledger technology in scientific authentication.
Block Chin, or so-called "Internet transaction", is one of the most important technological solutions associated with the information revolution, a secure cloud network through which registration, verification, and execution of transactions of all types, quickly, safely and effectively, within the parties Network and its participants, and the network is characterized by high transparency so that any party can verify the validity and credibility of scientific production. Blockchain network is a long series of encrypted data distributed to millions of computers and people around the world, allows multiple parties to view and verify information, and is a secure and accurate public record. The system began receiving applications for documenting the research output of researchers earlier this year. This pioneering initiative aims to create a smart and secure database that documents the entire research and scientific production, including documentation of scientific research, conference papers, books, articles, drawings and other scientific documents. A scientific study for each researcher that collects all scientific production, and can be verified by its credibility and validity by inquiring in the blockchain.

What is Proof of Work

The algorithm behind Proof of Work mines new Blocks to the blockchain. The following is an example of POW in Python:

from hashlib import sha256
x = 5
y = 0 # We don't know what y should be yet...
while sha256(f'{x*y}'.encode()).hexdigest()[-1] != "0":
y += 1
print(f'The solution is y = {y}')

The solution here is y = 21. Since, the produced hash ends in 0:
hash(5 * 21) = 1253e9373e...5e3600155e860
The network is able to easily verify their solution.